Hooping for Children and Young People

Youth workshops

With a vast range of experience, Nick provides inclusive, playful and creative hula hooping sessions for children and young people.

How and Why

Hula hooping offers children the chance to participate in an activity that has an accessible uptake. With the right sized hoop, the application of age related activities and the encouragement of this strong leader, Nick’s sessions offer participants great rewards, such as exercise, cognitive learning, boosts to self esteem, group bonding and team building

Nick’s approach is one of inclusion and skills development. In his workshops learning skills with a hoop goes hand in hand with the development of learning skills. He provides activities that focus on individual and group work, memory and recall skills, planning and presentation skills and reflective learning, with creativity and inclusion at the heart of it all.

By mixing physical and cognitive learning in this way he ensures all achieve, all learn and all get fit!

CRB and insurance details available on request

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