Case Study – Oasis Academies Bristol

Case Study: Oasis Academies, Bristol Oasis_Academy_John_Williams_logo

“If anyone is looking for an alternative to the normal afterschool club they need look no further, Nicks sessions are delivered professionally, punctually and with inclusivity at its heart; they are also a lot of fun”
– Ross Jeffrey, Community Relations Manager, Oasis Academies Bristol

Over the past 2 years Nick Broyd Hoop has delivered a range of workshops acorss this hub of academies, in both the primary and secondary age groups. This has meant working with the schools on different programmes sometimes offering short 1 – 2 hour workshops, full day activities and longer weekly delivered group sessions.

In 2014 Nick delivered a five week after school programme, working with Oasis New Oak Primary. With a range of needs and abilities the workshops were delivered to offer inclusive, fun and alterative after school provision. Within his strong awareness around inclusion, the workshops were structured to take into account SEND students and those from challenging backgrounds.



Nick’s sessions focus on inclusion for all and this is quite easily seen by the amount of time he spends with all ranges of students; ensuring that all are included and engaged in learning.

Our students both primary and secondary age loved working with him, and for the students to engage in a programme one of the main things is that they enjoy the instructor, and Nick’s personality helps this process, he is friendly, welcoming and professional, open for a joke and is able to keep behaviour to appropriate levels in a session that could quite easily become chaotic – this is done once again in a friendly, approachable and inclusive way.


The afterschool clubs gave a benefit for the students to engage in an after school physical activity helping them stay active, whilst also assisting parents with childcare for an additional hour afterschool.

Our older students who attended the transitional projects made many friends during this time which helped with their transition from primary to secondary as they were able to make friends and have fun together during the sessions.

It has also seen many of those attending playing with hula hoops at lunch and break times (primary) and with them teaching others some of the skills that they had learnt at the club.

– Ross Jefferey, Oasis Academies Bristol

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