Threapy-and-outreachNick is a specialist practitioner working in outreach and care services, offering workshops to suit a diverse range of partners. Using hula hoops and other circus skills, he builds programmes designed to benefit institutions working with vulnerable and at risk groups.

He offers a range of programs, from one off to weekly workshops and works with a variety of services including:

  • Addiction Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Learning and Physical Difficulties
  • Youth Outreach

Within this backdrop Nick leads and facilitates group sessions that have a focus on unlocking movement, raising self esteem, group and communal bonding, all with inclusion at their heart. Working with young and old across a range of need and abilities he will tailor his workshops and programmes to your requirements.

His client list includes:

  • Chandos House Treatment Centre
  • Hawkspring Drug and Alcohol Recovery
  • Bristol Young Carers
  • Harbour Gateway Club

Case Study: Chandos House Treatment Centre

Nick began working at Chandos House, a male centre for treatment of addiction, in 2012. He leads a programme focussing primarily on hula hooping, as well as a range of secondary activities including circus skills, physical theatre, game and role play. Seeing hoops as a therapeutic tool and attentive to the complex needs of this group, he has built a programme responsive to this group, with an understanding of the sensitivities within it, the key to which is ensuring all are provided with the opportunity to participate and be included.

“Nick delivers weekly sessions in hula hooping and circus skills at Chandos House, an addiction services treatment centre for males in Bristol. He provides a supportive and inclusive environment to meet the diverse range of needs and abilities of this at risk vulnerable group. It is my belief that the movement offered by hula hooping provides great therapeutic benefit, particularly to males, who often carry shame and anxiety caused by their addiction in their core (between the waist and shoulders). Aside from allowing individuals the chance to unlock movement in this area, he delivers fun, creative and physically challenging sessions, covering not just hooping, but a range of other circus skills, which act to develop the bond in the group, as well as increasing coordination and esteem in individuals. A confident and exemplary role model for this group, he is a highly recommended session leader!”
– James Dickinson, Founder and Director, Chandos House

Please contact for more information, including workshop requirements and cost.

DBS, insurance details and risk assessments available on request.